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FAQ # 1  Will Ruggiero Electric show up for a scheduled appointment?

Yes. Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, we will contact you within 24hrs of your scheduled time.  We realize that emergencies shall and will arise throughout the day so the technician assigned to your request will contact you directly either by phone, text or email  to inform you of his estimated time of arrival, which ultimately decreases our customer’s wait time.

FAQ # 2  Is Ruggiero Electric licensed to perform electrical work?

Yes. We at Ruggiero Electric pride ourselves in being a Licensed Electrical Contractor. All our electricians are licensed, and we verify that all electrical license’s as well as drivers license’s are current. Our electrical liability policy and workman’s compensation policy are paid in full at the beginning of each year, and can be furnished to our customers upon request.

FAQ # 3 What hidden cost could be associated with the type of electrical work I need to have done?

None. Before we proceed with any work on your property, we thoroughly go over your estimate with you step by step outlining what we will be doing, and what cost will be associated with this work. Being knowledgeable with our work, we can anticipate what to expect depending on the project, and will inform you if any issues are foreseeable at this time. Naturally, we cannot see past the interior walls of your home, but if any electrical deficiencies are exposed during our work we will immediately inform you of them and discuss with you any additional charges at this time before we proceed.

FAQ # 4  Can Ruggiero Electric provide me with customer references?

Yes we can. Having such a diverse customer base allows us to be able to provide references regardless of the nature of the electrical work. Visit our site at to view some of our testimonials.

FAQ # 5  Who does Ruggiero Electric provide electrical services for?

Ruggiero Electric provides service for anybody looking for an honest, quality and hassle free experience.  Listed below is just a small list of our customer clientele in which we provide electrical services for:

Homeowners – Renters – Landlords – Real-Estate Agents / Brokers

Insurance Companies – Facility Managers – Business Owners – Contractors

  If you have a specific question or concern, and its not listed on this page, give us a call, we will be glad to answer it for you.


Robert J. Ruggiero